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I'm a Mogwai owner! :)


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Just picked this original Mohawk face up from Gremlins 2.. I sent it to Tom Spina to work his restoration magic on it. He sealed the face and sculpted the missing eyelids to complete the face. If you guys need restoration work done, Tom is the man!




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Thanks for the kind words, Steve (and others!). Mike Thomas and I did the work on this little guy... which was more preservation than restoration. Steve wanted to keep things as original as possible. As always, degree of restoration is based on the client's preferences.

We did make the custom (and totally removable) eyelids. We kept them fairly wide so-as not to overly hide the incredible original eyes with replica elements. Other than those, the goal was to have a piece that was less fragile but otherwise looking essentially the same as when he got here. :)

It's a wicked piece... Mohawk is such a recognizable character too :)



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What a great acquisition! I loved the movies back then and still do!
Great to see another piece of my childhood found a nice home!
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