If you won the lottery, what props would you get.

The five foot millennium falcon, fall guy truck, knight rider semi, i ticket to fly to Netherlands to go to rheithoven to go show up at Dutch props house to collect my lightsaber cane from him he never shipped to me even after paying 700, a full-size millennium falcon to convert into my house lmao.
Here's my take so far (I'm talking replicas, naturally):

A Tomenosuke Deckard blaster, probably "as issued" edition;
a '82 Johnnie Walker Blade Runner whisky bottle;
Connor MacLeod's katana;
Fasil's sword from the same film;
K's portable eye scanner;
Randy Cooper's insanely beautiful 1/12th scale K spinner.
more shelves

With 50 of these floating around out there you'd figure there'd be at least a few more shared pictures. I can only find two unboxing videos on YouTube. I'd love to have one of these minus the claw marks.
I'd be surprised if all 50 were made but you'd think someone would be looking to sell through the various forums that exist.
Ummm if I won lotto I would definitely get this:


This too:

And finally this:

oh yeah if only I won lotto. : )
I'd start with this...



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