If you won the lottery, what props would you get.


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I wouldn't tell anyone, but there would be signs...

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Sadly he waited too long to get his own. When he died his son shared that Sean Connery had recently decided to finally buy himself a DB5. His son had to convince him. It took a while to find a mint one and it was black, so they had it painted the correct color. His son said by the time he got it he started to be ill so he had little to no time to enjoy it. I was surprised they decided to sell it after he died but some lucky fan has an amazing keepsake. Not a Bond used one, but one owned by the man himself.

I miss Sean Connery. He retired too soon. I am one of the few who like League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Minus the dumb CGI bad guy at the end.


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Speaking of duh! I can't believe I forgot this. Although I love the classic DB5 my Eaglemoss model is good, If I ever get around to building it.

May favorite Bond car is the Living Daylights Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series II. It was my favorite ever. Best gadgets and I just love it so I would have a real one with all the bond gadgets I love from all the bond films and even have it convert to a submarine if I could.



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Pfft, If I won the lottery, I'd help pay off as many people's debts as possible, first..!

Then.. mm.. ^_^

Strange Days MD SQUID deck, powered via USB C, including intergrated dock for obsolete Japanese players,
Lenny's rings and jacket,
Doctor Strange 2016 sling ring,
100 John Wick coins..!


el toro

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I would be busy with other plans so I would have this all bought and or built.

5' Falcon

1/6 Falcon

1/6 Orca and Jaws

1/6 Blade Runner Spinner

8' Star Destroyer

1/1 Tumbler. Fully functional with accurate interior, except better visibility via monitors.

1/1 Fall Guy Truck w/ secret compartment.

1/1 Airwolf

1/1 Streethawk

Studio Scale Star Trek Excelsior Model

8' Enterprise TMP

10' Enterprise E

15' Enterprise F

1/6 Max Reebo OT band. No clue why Sideshow has not done them.

Rambo First Blood and Part 2 Lile knives

Rambo 3 and 4 Hibben Knives

Jack Crain Predator Machete, knife, and Commando Knife

1/1 Vader ANH, ROTJ, and RMQ

1/1 stormtrooper

1/1 Obi Wan Ep 3/ANH Hybrid

Large Serenity Model

1/1 Terminator Endoskeleton

A Boat load of 1/6 scale figures.

Highlander H-1 and Season 1 Katana's

Highlander 1st released Duncan sword w/out the darn collar.

1/1 Batman Begins Arsenal


Airwolf (Since I paid $1,600 for mine and never received it from Steve who has disappeared)


Star Wars:


Clone Captain

Clone Pilot

Quasi ANH and ROTJ

Commander Cody

Don Post Deluxe Vader

EFX Luke ESB and ANH

EFX Wedge

A, B, and Y wing helmets

EFX Shadow Stormy

Admiral Ackbar mask

MR Jango Blasters

MR Obi ANH Saber

Studio scale or otherwise awesome big models:

Medical Frigate


Blockade runner

Rebels Ghost


Rebel Troop Transport

4' Nautilus

Black Pearl

Deluxe Jake ZF-1

1/1 Jabba on throne with Max Reebo

I think that's it,..for now
Wow. Impressive list. You’d need to win a super ball lottery, which has been building up for months. And then you’d need to invest 1/2 of it in order to generate enough gains to cover the costs of storing the props. Haha. Or rent some empty space at George Lucas’s museum.


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Display rooms. Money is no object so storing props is not allowed. :lol:

Ah. So we're talking building a duplicate of the White House with it's 132 rooms. (I looked it up!)
Just so you could display all props from the 132 of your favorite movies and TV series. Got it. Sounds like a Great Plan.
Gonna need that 1.6 Billion jackpot or better.

Dr Jones Sr

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I'm not much of a prop collector person.

Being a pure cosplayer, my things would be costumes and costume accessories I can wear.

Things like:

1) upgrades to my Old Ben Kenobi outfit:
-robes made out of the correct fabrics
-a genuine-parts Old Ben Kenobi lightsabre
-bespoke leather boots

2) upgrades to my Dr Jones Senior outfit:
-new suit made of the correct Harris Tweed fabric
-new glasses
-a hand-written Grail Diary

3) upgrades to my Chief Jim Hopper outfit:
-the correct Worth & Worth hat
-a real Colt Python



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I would find a really good metal working shop and commission a Cap shield that is absolutely screen accurate (separately machined rings that can be anodized and not just painted etc.) but make it proportionally correct for my size (I am not as tall as Chris Evans). This is the sort of eccentric project that a billionaire can afford.

The other project would be a lifesize Dog Alien sculpted and painted by Yoshihiko Sano. His paint jobs are just amazing!

And how about a lifesize all-metal Robocop 2 Cain replica for my garden that scares away the neighbors…

Psab keel

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Full scale "functional" speederbike built over a dirt bike chassis or the like so I could ride it through the woods.

The interior of Obi-Wan's hut from ANH, fully furnished.

Falcon cockpit and gun ports, maybe even the hold area with the chessboard and seating.

Though far past those ideas, if I had that kind of money and I had paid off any debts for family/ friends, invested wisely, and given to charities I would use most of it to fund a film adaptation of my novel and build a film studio to help other independent film makers to shoot their movies. I would want to do what Lucas did and build something outside the Hollywood system.


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I’d have a full-size Rick Deckard apartment with everything no-expense perfectly replicated. Outside I would have a full-size flying Spinner and finally I would track down Dan Lanigan and throw money at him until he handed over the one and only hero blaster.
Deckard apartment would be great. A pity the views from the balcony cannot be reproduced.


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They can be reproduced if you have enough money. Check out the incredible real-time 3D stagecraft of ‘the volume’ they film Mandalorian inside.

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