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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Tom1971, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Tom1971

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    When a member said it was fun to build I stated my philosophy:

    Buy if possible, build only when necessary. At least that's what works for me. I have more projects to build than I will ever get to.

    I thought it would be a good time to list a few projects:

    Finish and sell three Rambo Bows

    Two Vibro axes. One to sell one two keep.

    Two Vidphones to sell

    Stormy Lightsaber

    Costom Hasbro Legacy Falcon

    Custom 28" Hasbro Falcon

    Deago Falcon

    Cutaway Falcon

    Polar Lights Enterprise A (probably never happen)

    Re-fit 6ft TRU Falcon when I get another one.

    Finish big Star Destroyer Bridge

    Finish big "Hasbro" Star Destroyer

    Finish Sskunky's Auto 9

    Vader Reveal-even with kits and pre-made helmet a lot of work.

    1/1 Carbo Han

    1/1 Boba Fett-(Bobamaker)

    1/1 Jawa

    1/1 Gonk

    RMQ Boba V1, V2, possibly RMQ Stormy, maybe RMQ Vader. All raw casts.

    Hasbro Studio Scale Re-fit as I call it:

    B wing

    Two 12" Speederbikes, one with scout

    12" Luke and Taun Taun


    Large Wing Tie Fighter

    Tie Interceptor

    A wing

    Cloud Car

    X wing

    Some kind of Studio Scale Y wing-Hopefully Deago

    Same for Star Destroyer

    Two Rubies Leia Pistols (ANH and ROTJ)

    Anakin Starkillers Luke V2

    Finish Real Kobold

    Airsoft Pulse Rifle customization (My friends and hopefully one for me)

    Blue Thunder Harrison Fire Control Helmet

    New Sarednab Mal Pistol

    Huge Upcoming Firefox Model

    Finish my custom Gladiator Factory X helmet

    Huge Hasbro X wing customization

    Finish a new Blade Runner blaster if can ever get one.

    Customize a new Sarednab Story Grail Diary when I can get a new one.

    Not to mention 7 or 8 huge, as in 8'x4', Diaromas involving around two to three thousand star wars figures, a boat load of ships, vehicles, equipment, etc.

    Finish My G.I. Joe USS Flagg (About 90% there, Got all the rare parts)

    And honestly this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

    What's on your table/plan??????????
  2. nick daring

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    Far too many.
  3. Dredgen

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    I think I have an addiction. I keep taking on new projects before I finish the last! :lol

    Ghostbuster proton pack and costume
    Small Soldiers Chip Hazard & Archer
    Blade Runner blaster
    Millennium Falcon
    Life size Jack Skellington
    Master Chief helmet
    ANH DL-44
    Boba Fett helmet
    Royal Guard force pike
    Captain America shields
    Luke V2 light saber
    Thermal Detonator
    Destiny Ghost & Hunter knife
    Mekaneck costume

    Think that's it. Hopefully I can cross some of these off this week.
  4. Sean


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    Holly crap dude! and I thought I was behind In project's.:lol
  5. NeoRutty

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    Yeah I keep saying "Last one til I'm done the others..."

    But then a project starts up and the little voice in my head says "That will be AWESOME... you want another Rylo reveal missed opportunity? GET IT NOW OR MAYBE NEVER!"
  6. gyoung2993

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    Whew....Ok...lets see
    2nd hero Aliens M-41-A pulse rifle
    Sarednabs Mal pistol in process
    Mike Salzos Big 1/12 scale BSG Viper resin kit in progress
    Amt Hardballer 45 longslide Terminator prop build in progress
    1:2500 scale NuBSG Resin GALACTICA from BADAZZ with clear resin engine parts
    Deagostini MF
    Robocop pistol ,,,needs another airsoft
    Terminator 40 Watt plasma rifle Morganthirteen resin kit , in progress
    35 plastic model kits in boxes 1/350 scales and vintage smaller models
    Hasbro modification , need resin kit parts ( not acquired those yet )
    Display base to be built for Deago a later date
    Full size Han In Carbonite , ( no parts acquired for this yet )
    build me another ANH Han Solo blaster
    Vario edition Airwolf huge kit with needed modifications ( strictly for a model display only )

    the list goes on , its never done
    and a few other things, I am too tired of thinking about , I;m sure....but this is general what I have planned the next 10 years to accomplish, then I can die and be happy as hell !!! LOL
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  7. Tom1971

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    My Airwolf in 12 to 18 months. Same here. No RC, just a model:

    I forgot:

    Airwolf Helmet

    RC Blue Thunder Model-Not a lot of options

    StreetHawk Helmet

    Timerider Helmet

    Firefox Helmet

    Dredd 2012 Helmet and Lawgiver

    Robocop Helmet (Anticlause version)

    Jatimatic Airsoft if I could ever find one.

    ZF1 Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Split Second Gun

    Finish Hybrid Ewan/Alec Obi Jedi belt

    Submarine model collection:

    Custom Red October scratch built model as the one made is not accurate.

    Actual Typhoon Class model-Red October store version mostly accurate to Typhoon class except the back. Real Red October film model way different.

    Seaview Model

    Finish Seaquest Model

    Some type of Nautilus model

    I'm sure there is more.
  8. gyoung2993

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    my Vario looks like yours...I huge , but nowhere accurate , a lot to cut and reshape fiberglass and reform so many areas.....models...well to many to name...LOL
  9. Fish is yum

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    I really only have one project going right now and I am sorta at a creative block for it. I kinda wanna make a Light Pike, (so a light saber with a longer handle) but not having a lathe makes things.... difficult. :/ also my first post so YAY! :D

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