Ideas for good couples Halloween costumes??


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So the gf and I were just discussing Halloween and I was looking for a few ideas. I've been wanting to do a Ghostbusters suit for a few years now but when I mentioned that, she said she wanted to be a race car driver cause she thinks the tight black would look sexy.

She's always dated guys that have wanted her to cover up a lot and is not opposed to showing more off this year :love

SO, RPF, I turn to you for guidance in what would be some suggestions. She's never gotten into costuming too much while I have built and done a number of things in the past. Just thought I'd toss it out there and see what you guys/gals recommended....


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She wanna show skin huh? Go as homemade versions of this lol



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Well, right now she is looking at naughty schoolgirl outfits...guess it doesn't have to be a couple's costume per se...just trying to get ideas for her


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what about this:

plus this:

you have the race car driver look, composed with a red wig, some accessories, and it fits the theme :)

if youre into the work tho :)
probably could be done till october (i guess)


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Some ideas that my girlfriend and I have either used or discussed:
The Doctor and his Companion
Marshall Matt Dillon and Miss Kitty
John Steed and Emma Peel
Magnum P.I. and his Ferrari
Indy and Marion


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Me and my girl are going to Dragon*Con as Monarch henchmen. It's easy enough to do a girl version of it since it's a simple costume anyways. Just swap the short shorts for a skirt and poke a hole through the balaclava for a ponytail to stick out. Voila!

Of course, you could always do The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. :D


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Can't believe no one's suggested Batman & Batgirl/woman yet. I'm doing Batman this year and still trying to con my wife into doing Batgirl so I can increase the costume budget.


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Great ideas everyone, thanks for sharing

I mentioned Batman and Catwoman/Batgirl/Robin but she didn't go for that much....said Catwoman was a "maybe"

She liked the idea of me as a young Hugh Heffner and her as a Playboy bunny so that has potential

Indy and Marion I like...not sure how she feels about it

I've been wanting to do Iron Man (seems everyone on this board does ;)) and she likes the look of Black Widow so one more with potential

I guess if she wants to be a school girl I could be whatever I feel like and wouldn't complain one bit :lol


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Just about any comic book characters have the female in revealing clothing.

But that might be why more males are interested in them than women.

Star Trek can also be pretty revealing... but there again, I can already see the glazed over look in your girlfriend's eyes that says "not interested."


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If she's into the school girly look then why not something from Sucker Punch? I know it's a horrible movie (haven't actually seen it yet) but the costumes look cool.


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gonna have to google pics, i am too lazy to post.

Cloak and Dagger

Peter Plug and Suzie Socket

Sexy Dorothy and the "Hard" Tin Man

Good luck


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If she's into the school girly look then why not something from Sucker Punch? I know it's a horrible movie (haven't actually seen it yet) but the costumes look cool.

i have to defend the movie. same as with watchmen, people expected something different from the movie and were like oh thats not what we expected, it totally sucks. which is just not true. its beautifully made, lots and lots of details, its a kinda complicated movie, and its really well filmed. Anyone who says it sucked wanted to see a different movie, and thats the only reason.

sorry for spam

just for keeping on topic:
superman and lois lane or wonderwoman
spiderman and mary jane
Joker & Harley Quinn
Flint & Lady Jaye
Snake Eyes & Scarlett (not the movie version)
Destro & The Baroness (really not the movie version)
Han & Leia
Anakin & Padme (specifically the arena fight costume...)
Deadpool & Typhoid Mary
Riker & Troi
Kirk & [insert alien chick here]
Superman & Wonder Woman

Can you tell I try and get my girlfriend into matching costumes too? lol


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Im going along the Spidey and Black Cat route....(was initially going to be Ms. Marvel) but the guys here pulled through with Black Cat and thats it final !!!

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