I need sources for kits! Tanks, battle ships- BIG kits too!


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Hi everyone...

You all know that I dont come over here that much from the other board on here but I need yer help! I use to do LOTS of models as a kid and early teen but I fell out of it... I need a good source for kits.. I want big kits... Battle ships... aircraft carriers... Saturn V .. the whole works.

I want to get back into it... I used to kitbash alot when I was a kid. Hell .. I even built a Star Destroyer that was 3 feet long. I was actually 12 years old when I built it (1979) and I was the coolest kid in NY State... Only kid to have one. I had pics of this model on Obi-Wans Jedi Academy a while ago.

What I REALLY want to tackle is a HUGE Millenium Falcon..

Yes I am crazy and yes I have nuts-O-steel...
I may even try to do a scratch-built Star Destroyer again... only bigger than the one I did in '79

Any help is appreciated here... web site addresses, addresses, phone numbers, people to contact etc.

I don't think there's any one place of choice, or even ten. Ebay, hobbylandinc.com, trident hobbies...just hit Google!

Would love to see pics of that SD.
Thanks man... Do you have any "best of" links to share with me? I would greatly appreciate it.

I will have to dig for that picture of my Star Destroyer. I only found one picture in a old pile of stuff a while ago and posted that pic on the web site. I will have to look for that pic again after the wife gets home...

Oops..thats what I get for not reading.So yur gonna tackle a 5ft Falcon...or bigger?Only one other person I know of who was making that bird,and I have'nt heard a peep as to where he's at on it.You'll need lots of big scale tank kits I think 1/15,1/16,1/24&1/35 all made by Tamiya,or Bandai...not sure about othersAlso,you'll need 1/12&1/8th scale race cars/F1 cars I think(very expennssive)most made by Tamiya,Entex/Eidaigrip...Bandai?.Some kits may still be manufactured today,just under a new lable is all..like the 1/5 Mozda rotary engine.I forget who is making it,but I know it is still available,I have seen it at the hobby shop I freqent.I'm working on the 32" mid sized minature....and that one is a monster all on it's own,good luck to ya.
I would recomend Ebay. I have been able to find all the different kits that I've been searching for there realitivly fast and cheap. I actually picked up the Saturn V rocket there yesterday, there were a lot them listed.

Thanks guys!

I know this is a rehash of a old question...

But does anyone have a total list of all the model kits needed to build it?

I am going to go to ebay and google and look around... see what comes up..

If you're just kitbashing and not trying to build it with the parts actually used ebay is a good spot to find kits sing the term model "lot" getting a bunch usually for a lower per it price. BUT the reason they are being sold in lots is often that some have been started and may be missing some parts etc... but if you're just kitbashing that usually is not an issue...

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