I need help with OBJ Metal Gear


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I am able to rip the mechs and other items form Metal Gear Peace walker from the PSP. But when I edit them in 3ds max I dont know how to simplify them. There are a ton of internal parts and parts that over lap that still show up in the pepakura program.
In Short, I need someone that is able to edit the files to be used in pepakura. I can rip and clean up. But cant edit the overlapping items. I wind up with free floating items in pepakura.
If you built the model in 3d max you can freeze the parts you want to keep and delete everything else. It may not be possible because if the model imported as a single object then you are out of luck doing it easly. You can still go in and delete points, it will take longer and you have to be carefull not to delete points you want to keep.
Right click on the object and choose convert to editable poly. With the object selected go to the modify panel (little bent cylinder icon). At the top of the menu there are icons for vertices,edges,borders,faces,and elements. Choosing the last one will allow you to more easily select parts of the mesh that do not share vertices. Simply choose what you want to keep,invert selection (ctrl-i or edit/select invert from the menu) and delete, or choose what you don't want and delete. Hope that helps.
Thanks that will help with the smaller Items. But they are all rips from the game. the Mech's have tons of parts. Im looking for someone to help with the clean up before release. I might be making it sound harder than it is lol.
I am not clear on what you need but I have been doing this professionally for years. Send me the model with more info and maybe I can help.
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