I need a good Beard maker. PIC Added Post#1


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Anybody know how to make a reasonably good beard.

I'll go full on appliances if I have to, but haven't done any hair work since 1975.

There has to be better ways now.

I'd like something I can "hook over my ears". Maybe not THAT simple.

Aiming at Blackbeard for POTC 4. I can grow the Hair part but not the beard.

Recommendations? COmments? Suggestions?

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Re: I need a good Beard maker

Well it's not making a beard from scratch but when my theatre did the hobbit we cut up long wigs and resewed them together to cup around the chin and run up the sides of the head where we had elastic that went around the back of the head. Then a long wig worn normally usually covered up the elastic and the sides of the head. The biggest thing was getting/making mustache sections that blended nicely. For stage it worked but in person you'd need to be more critical about what you get that was lace based and long enough to cover over the bulky part of the lower beard.

Dunno.....like I said it looked great for theatre and not to bad up close but it's nowhere near as great as an actual lace back beard that blends into your skin really well. You could always use some crepe hair to add over the seam of where the beard and face meet but that would maybe suck to do that every time you wear the costume.

Just figured I'd throw that out there. I know there are obvious better ways of making beards but if you are on a budget or short on time or just want something that's cheap and easy to play around with you may think about that??

Just in case it helps. :)
Re: I need a good Beard maker

yea but blackbeard's beard is huge! Way bigger than what a toy store would have i'd think. I'd say go with the wig idea that'll probably best for the size of his beard. Plus Micdavis if you decide to do the version of the beard where he has the tips of his braids smoking and still slighty singed (Sp?) you'll have more hair to hide whatever you use to make that effect
Re: I need a good Beard maker

You can always get a proper-length synthetic beard, attach it with both the elastic AND double-sided toupee tape, then use spirit gum and crepe wool hair to glue along the cheekbone area, to make a more natural-looking hairline-are you in or near a large city? They always have stores like that. If not, you can probably order online from Naimies, or some such. Hope this helps!
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