Crowley from Good Omens

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I'm aiming to put together a replica of the costume Crowley wears in the present day. I have found some good look a likes and found some (incredibly expensive) originals. I searched the forum and found some really good pictures and IDs from other members, but it's still hard to identify some aspects of his outfit. Find them in these threads:

This is the best screenshot type picture I could find for seeing different aspects of his costume:

This is what I've found:

Sunglasses: ($24)(already ordered)

Jacket: ($99)(already ordered)
David Tennant Good Omens Crowley Jacket

Off black henley ($12)
or ($23)(would require some bleaching to make off black)

Skinny grey scarf with tassels at end ($32)

Black snakeskin belt screen accurate ($540)
RATTLE-SNAKE belt Black .Large Snake Belt. Crowley. Good | Etsy

Snake belt buckle head to pair with a snakeskin belt while saving for screen accurate version ($27)

Watch: ($450)
Someone on here ID'd it as a Devon Tread 1 model, which run about 24k. So there's no chance I will ever be able to afford a real one. This is a seemingly alright replica. I would probably replace the strap, as it is rubber and I think the real one has a leather strap.
Devon Thread 1 DVNWRKS1 watch.jpg

Lots of temporary tats on etsy.

Wig: ($30)
Would need to take some length off of the sides and back, I probably have to dye it a little browner too. If anyone has suggestions for a better quality wig, that would be great. But in terms of styling, it is very fitting.
Hair comparison.png

Things I haven't found:

Black vest:
Crowley's vest for this costume is hard to take a look at, but I think it is double breasted. It isn't like any vest I can find so far. This is one I could really use help with.

Gold chain necklace:
I didn't even notice this while watching the show, but while looking at pictures I noticed it. I'm hoping I can find a reasonably priced, maybe not gold, but quality look a like at one of the jewelry kiosks at my local mall. It looks like a fairly common looking chain.

Black snake skin belt:
To pair with the buckle off of etsy. The belt part of the belt is an interesting texture and I doubt that I'll find something like it unless it's an intentional replica. If I can't find an intentional replica I will just buy whatever cheap black snakeskin belt I find first.

Faded black skinny jeans:
It would probably be easy to find a nice look a like for these, but I'd really like to find out if anyone has actually ID'd these.

Black boots:
I have a pair of boots (pictured below) that will do in a pinch, but they don't look as refined as the ones from the show. I would love to get something closer.

Leather Bentley keychain:
If there isn't someone who already makes a replica I could probably ask someone who does detailed leather work to make one. Attach a regular house or mailbox key, and good to go.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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