I just recently came into a Graflex 2 cell flash. 3 cell bottom?


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So i was going through my grandpa's barn and stumbled on a Graflex 2 cell flash, and was immediately wondering how to acquire the bottom of a 3 cell flash, as as far i know, the tops of the 2-and-3 cell flashes are exactly the same. Anyone have one laying around, or have a better idea than me as to how to get one?

And before the inevitable questions come, yes i did check eBay for it, but alas, no.

Any and all help is appreciated!

James Kenobi 1138

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Finding someone wanting to sell just the bottom is hard to find, as flashes usually come all together.

Short of ebay you might try Parks Sabers and see if he has any 3cell bottoms left. If not his 'new' Graflex saber bottom tube might work with a real clamp.


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I'm waiting on Roman.... annnny time now, he should have replicas... and he's a wise man, I'm sure he knows the desire for single parts.


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Any Graflex 3 cell back end/tubes around?

Hey everyone, i recently got a Graflex 2 cell, and i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to obtaining the back end of a 3 cell, or even a replica or the like. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Any Graflex 3 cell back end/tubes around?

Welcome aboard ... just send you a PM pointing you in the right direction :)



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I'm in the same boat, I have a 2 cell that needs a 3 cell bottom. I'm also waiting for Roman to put out his. Not to mention I'm going to be poking a bunch of holes in it, so I won't feel as bad if the bottom is a replica.


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Basically, real 3 Cell bottoms only come with the entire flash unit. Since everyone wants a complete unit, You're hard pressed to find one on it's own! Like has been said, Parks may be able to help out, and Roman is in the process of replicating Graflexes!
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