I have questions about painting and sealing.please help


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I am working on a phaser at the moment and using the color and paint suggested.Its automotive paint.now I have built lots of stuff over the years and never really got painting down at all. I'm always to heavy with my coats.lead trigger finger. but now I have you wonderful an artistic to the max people to help.this place ROCKS!!!!!!

OK first question.do I have to seal automotive spray paint.I have painted the handle of the phaser and it looks great for me.took my time on it.now I'm scared to seal it for messing it up.any and all help will be so much appreciated.thank you for your time....

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Technically, you don't have to seal the paint, but it will make it more durable if you are planning on costuming with it. However, if it is just a static display piece, then it will be just fine as is.
Its just going to be for display.but I want it to last along time.Q.will sealing change the color?and whats the best sealer from a can?tips for spraying sealer.I sealed something once and it turned milky white.thanks again all...
Don't seal the automotive paint. What you can do is let it dry for a few hours and then re apply a second coat. Better to apply several light coats over a few hours than to apply one thick one. Second tip, don't hold the gun too close to the work. Third tip, wipe the work free of hand oil before you start. Fourth tip, make sure the room you are in is warm enough to set off the paint, 20 deg c is a nice heat.
What you've done there looks great by the way. :thumbsup
you dont have to seal paint if its a 2k based paint or solvent paint.
if you use a waterborne paint you have to seal because if it gets wet you paint will react on it.

im an bodyshop painter and really prefer waterborne and the clearcoat.
but i have to mention im well equiped for this with spray guns,compressor and all the other things needed.

painting evenly with cans can be hard to do,and if you paint things often i would think about getting some cheap stuff to paint better.

hope this helps
Just for "argument" sake - but if its automotive paint, cant it be sealed with an automotive clear coat? (I mean the spray cans you can get at places like Kragen, etc..)
I've always had better luck with paints/primers/sealers from the auto store paint suppliers, i.e. Ketone- the cans off the shelf can vary widely in effectiveness- sometimes you'll get a can that works great, the next time, the same stuff from the same mfg. won't work the same. I'd rather pay the higher costs and mix it myself, that way I know I'm getting the same results...
I cannot thank you guys enough for the tips.paint is my nemesis.the booklet suggested automotive paint.and from the handle so far.I like it.

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