HUGE! MR Force Fx Lightsaber Videos Update!!

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by forcefx, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. forcefx

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    In our continued effort to show the world the beauty and coolness of MR Force Fx Lightsabers,we have done a massive update to our video page..
    11 new Videos have been added to the Force Fx Lightsaber Video Clips. MR Force FX Product Demos section.. Some real nice duels too.

    Also 4 new Lightsaber Spin Tutorial Videos have been added to the Lightsaber Spin Tutorials page

    These 4 new tutorials explore techniques of spinning 2 lightsabers 1 in each hand..
  2. forcefx

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    anyone like um?
  3. rmschneider104

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    Pretty darn cool. One of these days, I'll actually have to try to learn some of these moves.
  4. DavidS

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    I dont mean to sound like an armchair warrior here, but coming from a martial arts perspective , there are some really bad fundemental mistakes being made there.....
    but HEY whoever said lightsaber fighting is REAL swordfighting right?
  5. OPPI

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    some fancy moves there, nice
  6. hyperdyne

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    Yeah, I think Musashi is rolling over in his grave right now. Nonetheless you have a point...
  7. Scarecrow

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    Ummm.... Nice... Twirls....

  8. forcefx

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    Like what mistakes??
    and yeah whoever said lightsaber fighting was REAL swordfighting..
  9. icemanfredtm

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    I think they are great.
    has a couple twirls I always wanted to know.
    thanks very much for posting.

    is there a way to download these files to a cd?
  10. DavidS

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    Im sorry i really DONT meant to sound like an armchair warrior here, i hear "know it all" folks online all the time and it annoys me to no end, I only meant this as constructive critsism if people are actually going to LEARN something they should learn it the right way.
    Figure 8s are used extensivly in shaolin style Dao , or broadsword.
    They are literally cuts, not spins, So wrist alignment and not "throwing the tip" is essential in this. its sorta hard to describe........

    BUT the point is there that lightsabers have "uni-directional" cutting edges, so wrist alignment is not really key and blade tracking (not twisting the blade) during a cut is not really as important as with a real sword, so i guess it doesnt matter.
    quiet frankly i think the prequel "fights" are really silly ,so yeh, im one of those guys. But let me explain. The point of a swordfight is to kill the other guy right? So all attacks are made TO THE PERSON. In certain types of fencing they are attacks to the opponents blade itself as a way to feint it, but are genarally followed up with body attacks.
    So in other words just smashing sticks together is not really fighting the other person.
    I was impressed however in episode 3, they DID include a little fist fighting and kicks in wiht the lightsaber fights, that was refreshing to see. But basically the whole fight between anakin and obiwan was just a very simple set of strikes done really fast over and over. All fluff no stuff...........

    But that is justa martial artists opinion, take it for what it is.... MY opinion and opinions are like........errr.....well you know, everyone has one.......
    Im fairly critical of martial arts movies or movies involving fights anyway, but that comes from years of judging tournament circuits and choreographing fights myself for demonstrations.........

    I tell ya what........ you want to see a "real" sword fight? Go rent the movie "The Hunted"........ no not the one with Tommy lee jones, but the older one with Christopher Lambert. Bascially its a good samurai vs ninja movie, and is all around pretty cheesy, BUT they fights in the movies are very realistic, except when Christopher lambert picks up a sword that is........ but all the stuff between the two main japanese actors is very well done...... Its more about timing and waiting than fancy flips and twirls....

    Ok, im done talking, i promise....
  11. forcefx

    forcefx Active Member

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    I will rent "The Hunted" from netflix this week.
    Thanks for you input.
  12. fettster

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    dang, makes me want to make a fan film.

    very inspiring

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