Hue Jackman as Wolverine Bust


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Hey thanks man! But I'd just release a pepakura model if there's enough interest.

If the end result looks just like the model image, I will go apesh1t...
So the guy mispelled 'the man's' first name...
It's not like we don't do that that from time to time. I still do it. When in is your best friend though. :thumbsup


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Hey guys, didn't know there was interest in this, I can resurrect it as a winter shut-in project. The hair is a real beast but I'll work it out.


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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Bust

Ok here's a brief status update on this, I began the unfold today and expect to have an initial release near the end of next week or possibly just after Christmas.


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you know i want every pep file possible :D
im still hoping someone sometime puts out a HiC pep file, but thats probably not gonna happen :/
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