Howl's Moving Castle, 1:100 scale Scratch build


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I thought I had already made a thread for this but apparently not....
I absolutely adore Miyazaki's films, and Howl's Moving Castle is among my favourites; I spent several months humming and ha-ing about whether to build the titular castle; and what scale to put it in at....Eventually I guesstimated the size of the 'real' castle and settled on 1:100 scale, as it's the smallest scale I could do that you would be able to see any figures at.

I started by hand-drawing a scaled castle from the front-on, and blocked out the 'forehead' in foam

A piece of MDF was added for the battlements

Several layers of bondo and smoothing out:

Then the lower jaw roughed in foam


Turret domes turned (Here's Rodger doing the primary turret)


Then I turned one of the towers on the lathe, along with the turret dome that sits atop it

A central core, needs to be solid, so I cut it from the hardwood meranti

All the components so far! The majority of these are going to be vacuum formed in 2mm styrene to save on weight and for ease of assembly

There's a long way to go but due the original's hand drawn nature, I thankfully feel no compulsion to worry over specific measurements and proportions. Depending on what reference I look at, the 'forehead' either seems far too tall, or just right; but as long as the vibe is right then I'm happy.
At any rate, it will be the painting that makes or breaks this once it's assembled

Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!


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Man this will be awesome. I'm gonna watch this. I've always thought this would make an awesome feature, glad to see someone doing it!

I went to the ghibli museum a few months ago but sadly they didn't have anything on HMC at the time. Whether they rotate their displays around, not sure. I picked up a few of the finemolds Laputa and Porco Rosso kits while there.

so this will stand around 410-420 mm tall?


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Congratulations on wrapping your head around all those shapes! Looks veeeeery complicated!
Following for sure! :thumbsup


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while i think the movie is really weird and doesn't make much sense. i do like the castle :) looking forward to seeing more :)
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