How to read the manufacturing date/expiration on a can of Dupli-Color?


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I looked up a few guides for this, but none are consistent with the way Dupli-Color has it printed. The particular can I'm looking at says:
EBGM05017 HL3061KY
EMFA 0.95/EPA 1.50 23:54

My roughest guess is that the important part is EBGM05017, and it refers to the 50th day of 2017. Can someone help me confirm this?

I've used this paint before, but this particular can came out sputtery and clumpy, so I want to make sure I buy a newer can next time.


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There’s an expiration date on paint spray cans?
I have a can of Dupli-Color I had mixed about six years ago which I planned to use later this year but you have me worried now.

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No idea on the dates, but I have several used and un-used cans (6-20+ years old) of assorted paint brands that won't spray.
Even tried changing the nozzles.


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and yet you still keep them?
No, I returned it. I bought it yesterday, tested it today, and returned it. I've noticed that non-enamel Krylon and Rust-Oleum are only good for about 3 months. Some sources on the internet say spray cans expire after 6 to 20 years, or something insane like that, and I have no idea where they got those numbers. I had a can of Rust-Oleum Enamel Grey that was good for 8 years until it ran out, and two days ago I tested a can of Rust-Oleum Enamel Clear Coat that I bought in 2020, and it's still good. But non-enamels always begin to refuse to cure after 3 months.

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I never looked into it. I just assume it's old if it doesn't spray or has trouble. I've got some spraycans of Testors Model Master enamel that I bought in junior high (1990 or 1991) that is still good!

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