How to print on paper your LF printer doesn't like...

Michael Bergeron

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Don't know how many of you out there have large format printers but I figured out a way to print reliably on paper that otherwise wouldn't feed into the printer.

I had tried everything, even taping the paper on to a roll that I knew my printer liked but at best it was hit & miss. The problem wasn't that the paper couldn't go through the printer, just that when it was first loading the printer decided it didn't like it.

Then it occurred to me that I could feed the paper it liked in BY ITSELF, and then, compensating for the extra space off the top, tape the paper I wanted to print on to that roll. That way the printer would have already decided it liked the paper and would print properly.

I bought a roll of kraft paper to use as the sacrificial sheet. Proper printer paper comes on a roll of a certain diameter but this wasn't properly sized so I made myself a little 2x4 jig to hold the roll:


The copper pipe rests on the printer's roller so that the paper drops and feeds properly.

THEN I taped the handmade paper I wanted to print on to it like so:



The paper feeds perfectly and prints reliably every time. There's about 8" of scrap of the top but as long as it prints I'm a happy man.

Thrilled I've finally figured this out so I thought I'd share. :D
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