How to make a bust...


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I did so much searching online and at art stores and cannot find an answer to this simple question. I figured you would be a good person to ask. I'm in a Humanities seminar and have a project coming up. I am going to do something dealing with the busts of the Roman Empire. I thought a great topic for my project would be to portray myself the way I would have liked to be remembered. I do not plan to sculpt myself, but rather do a cast of my face. I will probably have 2-3 weeks to do the project and don't have a huge amount of money. I am also new to this, so it cannot be anything too crazy. Do you have any recommendations? The material really doesn't matter too much. I'm definitely not doing any bronze or anything, and it should look somewhat like a white marble material if possible.

Thank you very much.


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This thread is SO not what I thought it was going to be due to the title. I WAS going to recommend that you get a court order for a search warrant, but nevermind...


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Thanks. Unfortunately, the price is a bit high for me. I was hoping there would be some way to do it without a kit...a fairly cheap way. It really does not have a to be a work of really just needs to look like me and be able to pick up enough details to show my emotion (which will likely be exaggerated).

Thanks, though. I appreciate your help.


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Perhaps you (or a friend) can make a life/face cast of yourself and then put that on one of those styrofoam display heads. A layer of clay to blend everything together and sculpt out the rest (i.e. hair, neck, shoulders, etc.) and you should be done. You can just paint it to look like marble.



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I recommend getting Thurston Jame's prop builder's molding and casting handbook, it should give you plenty of info for all types of casting and I'm pretty sure I remember reading about lifecasts in there too.


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Thanks everybody. Turns out I have much less time than I thought. I own some foam heads that I may use to just sculpt my face over. I may have another project in the future that I will do a full bust of myself...I'll definitely save this post. Thanks again.