How to glue back together a foam sculpting bust?

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by GuntahKela, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. GuntahKela

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    Demolding my latest scultp, I pretty much decapitated my yellow foam bust. I tried Elmer's glue, but that didn't work. I don't want to buy a new one because I'm cheap.
  2. Kylash

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    could duct tape it back together ^^; i dont think theres much that can put that back together except more expanding foam
  3. weaselflinger

    weaselflinger Sr Member

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    I'd try "liquid nails" in a caulk tube.
  4. dkwd

    dkwd Well-Known Member

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    I'd second the Liquid Nails.

  5. mgr

    mgr Well-Known Member

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    I second that :D
  6. kdawg1

    kdawg1 Sr Member

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    Place a few wooded dowl rods in it and use a glue called Goop go with the Plumbers Good they have a ton of different one but I find th plumbers works the best.
  7. fettpride

    fettpride Well-Known Member

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    The liquid nails is a great adheasive, but I've seen it take up to 10 days to set, at least when I do laminate counter tops that is :lol

    I had the same thing happen recently too, the best way IMO is using support rods in combination with an adheasive, as someone else mentioned. If the the adheasie gives without the support of the rods, you get a sculpture "face plant". The rods will ensure that it at least stays in place.

    Not sure about the goop though. I've seen goop melt down expanding insulation foam. Not sure what it will do to urethane foam. Whichever these busts are made of. I used a industry glue I got from a job, it's like a clear silicone caulk, but fast setting. Also used for countertops. Unfortunately there isn't a name on the bottle :lol

  8. kdawg1

    kdawg1 Sr Member

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    Ouch . I didn't know it would melt anything, I've never had aproblem with it. But with all glues I would do a test area just to be safe. Thanks for the heads up Fettpride.
  9. clonesix

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    stay away from air-dry glues, and use a 2 part epoxy, or even Bondo. Bondo ought to work fine, as it it thick enough to smoosh into the foam and lock into th e"bubble texture" on both halves of the piece. It will cure in minutes and you have a armature again.
  10. Aegis159

    Aegis159 Sr Member

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    I second the 2part epoxy. It's the only glue that I've never had react to anything that I'm trying to glue together. Definately use the rods as well, it'll add more strangth overall to the head so the next time it hopefully won't come apart on you again... well at least it definately won't in the spot you epoxy'd, hehehe.

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