How to accessorize a cheap GB costume?


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Hi everyone :)

A few years back I bought one of the cheap Ghostbuster costumes you can buy on eBay, it's the one with the inflatable proton pack. I'm going to my parents Halloween party this year and wanted to dust it off but I want to make it look better by adding bits to it. The first time I wore it I literally just wore the costume, I didn't even wear boots with it!

I was wondering how you guys would go about making it look better? I was thinking of getting boots, a Venkman nametag, elbow pads(from looking around these look expensive though), chemical gloves and a pistol belt with leather d-rings. Any ideas and links to where I can get this stuff would be great, to make it harder I'm in the UK and I'm trying to do it as cheap as possible.

Thanks! :thumbsup


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Maybe make a cheap pack with a backpack frame and some plastic boxes and shapes attached to it? The pack and holding the pack handle emitter in your hand is always a good sign you're a Ghostbuster. Another one would be a PKE meter in your hand, or ecto goggles on your head.


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Thanks pandatrooper, I should have said I do have the inflatable pack and wand and I'm quite happy to keep them as I know if I wanted better ones I'd have to shell out alot of money and I would have to make sure they are completely accurate so it's better I don't try!


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Go ta GB they know everything Ghost Busters let me know how it goes for ya bra.

laugh it up furball!!!! sent from my T- Mobile myTouch 3G using Tapatalk.


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You dont have to be accurate when making a low-budget proton pack. And over at GBfans you will find a lot of tips on proton pack parts, but they do tend to lean towards accuracy anyways. So if you wanna do a good pack, I'd say not use the inflatable one. Just get a sturdy board of some kind, cut off the bottom into a rounded shape, add some pieces that are generally the same shape, maybe throw a battery pack of lights in there somewhere to make it cooler looking (you can buy them at Joanne's fabrics for like 8 bucks I think), and you'll be golden. Average joe doesnt remember exactly what a proton pack looks like, and if you show up in a jumpsuit, with a GB logo on your shoulder, and a complex-looking thing on your back, you'll be a hit.


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OK I'll take a look at the proton pack issue then :)

What do you guys think about the actual suit? Do you think my suggestions above will do the trick?


If you don't care about accuracy but want to add some simple additions then you can do a few things.

Get any Elbow pads, skate ones are cheap on ebay less than £10 shipped.
Pistol belt is the same, you can get them under £10 shipped.
Pair of cheap safety goggles which you can gett for 99p right now on ebay and use some PVC pipes to make the 2 lenses and spray them and wear them on your head.


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I agree with Falco, the proton pack is the ultimate Ghostbuster accessory and it doesn't need to be 100% accurate to be recognised either. I built mine on a real low budget last year but am using the pack again this November for a movie themed fancy dress party so I thought I'd add some flashing lights for effect.

Last year I kind of ran out of time to build some ecto goggles but I plan on making some this time round. Also buy yourself some black rubber gloves and just stuff 'em into your belt - you can usually buy them at the £1 stores. (along with other bits 'n' bobs for your proton pack).

I just uploaded this video so you can see my junk pack... Proton Junk Pack - YouTube I think my whole costume was built for less than £30 - a lot of junk stuff was used that I already had and although nowhere near accurate it was certainly recognisable.


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stew i love your protonpack a lot. just saying :)

for ellbow pads, go to garage sales etc. people throw them at you, as the kids wont need them anymore after some years (like the ellbow pads from inline skating)
they might not be perfect, but should do :)


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Thanks guys I appreciate the comments! :thumbsup

Stew I'll check your video out later, I'm on the work PC and it won't let me watch it.

Although I agree with the proton pack comments I think I'm still gonna stick with the inflatable one this time around, I can see myself having a crack at putting some ecto goggles together though!

Can anyone put me in the direction of cheap leather D/O rings? Also is a beige pistol belt the way to go?

Oh and by the way I've decided to get a Spengler name tag :cool

Thanks again :)


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Right so last night I searched the web for all the gear and have made up a list including prices. It all comes to about £80 which I can't afford at the moment so my question to you guys is what shall I get and what shall I skip?

I'm thinking buy the pistol belt(£8.45), name tag(£3.99) and gloves £3) at the very least as those are the cheapest bits. I could then maybe stretch to buy either some boots(found some on ebay for £18) or elbow pads(£20).

Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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i think a nametag can easily be done by yourself, but thats just me. elbow pads, i say again, you can find at yardsales, or fleamarkets for about 1-5 dollars.
also maybe you know someone with kids, that have safety gear. and could borrow it to you for a day. its not like you would break it :D. if the ellbow pads are too small, use the knee pads ;)

i'd buy the boots instead, as they need to fit perfectly :) (wearing too small or too big boots is gonna be a pain if youre goin to wear this longer
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