How do I remove topic subscriptions?


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I subscribed to 2 different topics to get notifications and I am getting notifications for ALL new topics started.

Please cancel all subscriptions to topics please. This is getting annoying getting an email every time someone posts a new thread.

Thank you


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Originally posted by dualedge@Jul 22 2005, 08:32 PM
There's not a way for me to cancel your subscription specifically.

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Rob, there sure is a way for the Admins to do this...

* The easy way * If you hover over the hyperlink in Cenobyte's post and copy or show the link you will see that Cenobyte is user 262, now that you know there user number it's a simple task to unsubscribe Cenobyte from all topics...

From the Admin control panel - SQL Management - mySQL Toolbox

Pull down the list of database tables and click on the 'ibf_tracker' table...

In the 'Run Query' box there should be this text "SELECT * FROM ibf_tracker" delete that and type this

DELETE from ibf_tracker where member_id = '262'

And then hit the "Run a New Query" button and you should get the message "Query: DELETE from ibf_tracker where member_id = '262' Executed Successfully"

Presto Centobyte (member 262) is unsubscribed from all topics...

Notice in this example I have already inserted the user number 262 in the DELETE script, that can be changed to any members number...

As always there is a little export link to backup the table prior to the edit but as long as you get the right user number there shouldn't be any problems...


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It seems even though I subscribed to a specific topic, it marked it as forums :(

I cleared them all. Thank you