How do I make a good stencil?


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I am buying some ammo boxes for a display and I wanted to paint the WWII Stark Industries logo and/or the SSR logo on the boxes. I have never made a stencil so I thought I should ask here for some advice before getting started.

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Heavy card stock or heavy weight wax paper should work fine.
Or you can look up air brush supplies to see what materials they use.

I've used part of a frozen pizza box for stenciling on some costumes.
I misted the back with 3M spray 77 mounting glue and let it set a bit just to keep it in place while I sprayed.

Real stencils tend to have the over spray and WWII would probably use card.

If you want to avoid that then use a low tack film like Frisk used by air brush artists.


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I use stencils all the time. The question is if you want to make it look like it was stenciled.
The key is to make sure that the material you are using for a stencil is pressed hard against the surface. If there are gaps, the paint will seep around the edges.
They make 8.5 x11 adhesive labels that are intentionally very easy to remove for a more professional look.


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Finally! Something I DO know about!

I use "for sale" signs... The thinnest ones you can find (which are still way heavier than card stock).

Get a really sharp xacto knife.

Get a can of spray adhesive. I use 3M.

Print your image on copy paper. Glue it to the for sale sign with the spray adhesive. Cut it out.

Here's the real trick! Spray a light coating of spray adhesive on the side of the stencil that will be in contact with your bullet boxes, BUT LET IT DRY WITHOUT STICKING IT TO YOUR BULLET BOX!!! This will allow the adhesive to get tacky, but will remain removable.

This will give you complete contact for your stencil.

Now, when actually spraying your stencil, use several thin layers. Letting them dry between applications. This will give you the cleanest image.


also, check out

That's where I learned the most.


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If you want a nice clean look, you could download the logo to a flash drive. Then take it to a good sign/vinyl shop, and they should have paint masking vinyl film. They can then size, and plot ( cut out ) the logo on the vinyl. Then you just stick it to the surface, and paint! Of course you will need multiple's for however many times you need the design.
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