How do I find out if anything I want to buy is a recast?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Sean, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Sean


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    I'm am very new to all this casting stuff.but I have learned about recasting fairly recently.I would not want in any way to perpetuate this act against such talent as I have seen basically how do I know what I am buying is not a recast?and how do I know that anything I have bought is not a recast?and would I have to discard it if it was?
  2. Kevin Gossett

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    Purchasing from members here on the RPF is usually a safe bet. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is... and whether you should discard, that's up you.
  3. Gordon Gekko

    Gordon Gekko Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Seems like most crap on eBay is recast.
  4. zorg

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    asking on here will probably get the answer.

  5. whitehammer

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    It can be a minefield and its very hard to tell unless you can put your hands on it, as above if it seems too good to be true or 'cheap as chips' then it could well be a re-cast.
    I dont say 'Probably' because there are still some bargains around from sellers with genuine reasons for unloading stuff cheap.
    I know a lot of prop collectors with spare cash grab things because they are limited runs or 'Last Chance' buys & then end up disposing of them at some point to make room or raise funds for another project.
    Ive been hit in the past with bubble filled c**p casts that looked OK in a photo or items that were definitely not the item in the photo illustrated.
    Its mostly common sense and down to the reputation of the seller, Members of good standing on here are probably the safest bet to buy from or get a recommendation.
    Dont ever part with cash unless you are comfortable with everything about the transaction.
    It has to be said that there are some very high quality re-casts around that are near duplicates of originals but nevertheless its still dishonest, stealing & taking much needed money usually from the artist that created it in a small room and is selling copies to cover costs and make a modest profit but even if the artists are millionaires it still isn't right is it?
    There are excellent guidelines to follow in the Junkyard part of the forum.

    As for chucking stuff away, at the very least I'd keep it as a reference if nothing else, as others might buy the same and need your help.
    The best action IF YOU FEEL SURE an item a re-cast is to ask advice here first from a pro prop master or member of good standing and if there is no reasonable doubt, Name & shame them on here. Obviously, be as sure as you can be first.

    (Unless its a complete piece of crud can you ever be 100% sure if its been pro counterfeited without an original on hand to compare?)

    There are influential members here and they can quckly ruin the profitability of a re-cast racket and put a stop to these unscrupulous people.
  6. hydin

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    Generally if you ask about an ebay seller on here, you can find out if they recast things or not.

    As far as discarding, that seems rather pointless if you already bought it. Might wanna consider "upgrading" to a real kit from the original maker at a later date though.

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  7. Alan Castillo

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    Yup. Just ask here. Safest bet. You'll get your answer for sure :thumbsup
  8. Sean


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    Thanks everyone.coolmodels Right off the top of my head I have bought from them?
  9. zorg

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    doing a forum search brought something up.

    maybe a search then ask if no joy would be a better bet :thumbsup

  10. Sean


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    Will Do.thanks
  11. LeMarchand

    LeMarchand Sr Member

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    Coolmodels (aka) arsenal models should be avoided like the plague. Terrible quality and he would dump his mom into silicone if he thought he could make a buck by doing it.
  12. TheStig

    TheStig Active Member

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    I made that mistake once. It was at my first Dragon*Con a few years ago. It was a resin Sonic Screwdriver. Terrible quality and more bubbles than an extremely successful bubble blowing business celebrating its 30 year anniversary.
  13. greatwazoo42

    greatwazoo42 Sr Member

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    :lol I LOL'ed!!!
  14. Amish Trooper

    Amish Trooper Sr Member

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    Another person to avoid is Star Fortress. The owner is a known recaster and a pedophile from the States who has fled to Asia to avoid prosecution
  15. asemblyrequired

    asemblyrequired Well-Known Member

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    Stick to this place for sure. If you want something just ask , there might me someone that has it sitting around. There isn't another place on the planet where you can learn, build and enjoy yourself in the prop realm.

  16. Sean


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    I find this to be very true.and I would like to thank each and all for the advice and help I have received......

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