Horizon Mad Cat Mint in Box....any help?


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I think I should have posted this here instead...

Just wondering if anyone knows the approximate value of a Horizon Mad Cat, mint in box? I'm thinking of ebaying it, but I'm not sure what it's going for these days. ANy help would be great...or offers, if someone's interested.


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hopefully yours will go for more than that.....

I had one in a display window at a previous place of work that I had done in a 3 color artic paint scheme with custom decals and detailing that someone saw and just HAD to have. I was going to put an interior in it... I mean it's 1/35 scale so finding material to kitbash an interior from wouldn't have been difficult... but he said he wanted it as is ( I had only painted the windows in a blue chrome color then).

but then again mine was built....

hey do you have a link to your ebay auction for it?