Hook's Ship from Peter Pan (2003)

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by artoo77, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. artoo77

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    I just posted this gallery over at our Facebook page. It's from our build at ILM in 2003 of Captain Hook's ship from director PJ Hogan's version of "Peter Pan".

    Hook's ship -1/10th scale

    We used the same technique to build the ships in the "Pirates" film as well.


    --Don Bies
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  2. ozzyguanche

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    Woowwwww. That is soo cool.

    Were would you put it though :lol

  3. darth_myeek

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    Museum :thumbsup
  4. jedimaster

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    Love it.:thumbsup
  5. vaderdarth

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    Sweet. Who doesn't love pirate ships??? :)
  6. Scott Graham

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    That's awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Flixen

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    Great thanks for sharing!!!

  8. T2SF

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    Cool I'd love to know some of the process involved. Was that laser cut mdf for the body? And what was that first layer of planking? Some type of veneer? I'd love to build a smaller scale someday. Very cool work! Thanks for sharing.
  9. vfxhamilton

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    I would love to build a pirate ship like this, but i don't have a big enough bathtub. :)
  10. Monster Dave

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    Hey Don! Thanks for sharing those amazing pics - that's outstanding!!
  11. Apollo

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    :lol I would find room somewhere! :lol

    Man that's awesome!!

  12. jordanc1988

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    man that's amazing I love Hook, Would have that in the front yard and dressed as hook every day lol and of course a barrel of ale to share with my shipmates!
  13. blastmaster

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    Absolutely Awesome!!!!!
  14. thebooder

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    That's awesome work. I love miniatures. I'd like to have a version of One
    Eyed Willie's ship.
  15. CJS

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    The Kraken? lol lame, I know
  16. Retep1701a

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    A little big for my pool. Wait! I don't have a pool. But I do want to build a sailing ship.
  17. Demoriel

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    Great series of photos! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Aryast

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    I loved that movie. So beautiful!!
  19. Rylo

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    Love it. Thanks for posting.

  20. Crippen

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    Wow fantastic. (Shame about the film) :)

  21. bradleythekid

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    I'm impressed with the scale. This is a beautiful model! One of my favorite movies ever!
  22. fiveacrefilms

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    Absolutely fantastic! As a life-long sailor, I've often pondered the feasibility of doing a 10% to 20% scale replica of an 18th century sail ship that I could actually climb aboard and sail.

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