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I am nearly finished with the rear wall of my Home theater room.
I have switched this around maybe a dozen times over the last 8 or 9 years.
Started off with a whole wall of autographs then went to original props
in shadow boxes and so on lol .

Now having two small ones around the house i wanted to add some things they would find enjoyable but still keeping some of the adult theme pieces as well.

Also added in a couple of movie car plates i scored while being on the forum that are fun new additions . still looking for a few more small things .

Working on a Aliens wall as well :)

I am hoping to add more items to the room soon. Just wanted to share thanks .

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Hey thanks a bunch YT ! I am no artist but i wanted a Wilson so bad
I made one myself. He wasn't easy mounting to the Fed ex box , leather seems to have a mind of its own when its filled with twigs . Thanks again for the nice feedback :)
Where did you get the Best of Times Jersey??

That is kick ass

Thanks for noticing ! Its one of those timeless 80's films!
How many classic lines does he have in that movie :lol
(Reno Hightower)

Some guy on Ebay had this listed for sale about 3 years ago when i saw it I almost
fell out of my chair. I got lucky not to many people saw it and i ended up getting it for peanuts compared to what its worth , to me anyway .

Thanks again for the nice response its one of my favorite peaces .
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