Holy mother of the force!!!!!!

Looks great as far as the animation but reminds me of a Fan Film with the way it is just mixing prequel and OT era stuff together for the cool factor of it. Too many direct rip offs of the various films.
OK I am an OT guy, and I loved it. That Darth Maul-ish guy did in 2 minutes what the original DM couldn't do in the prequels. I have to say though I hate games with cut scenes. It's selling you one thing and giving you another.
That was a SWEET intro.

However, I know NONE of the game play will be like that, hahahah!

WONDERFULLY done though. That was awesome.
Well it's made by Bioware so it should be pretty good. Anyone else notice the smuggler ship looked like the Falcon a little? The front forks had something between them and the engines were different though.
I like the designs. It has to be challenging to create a different era yet still make things that fans can identify with.

I was sad to learn that this was strictly a PC game an not something you could get for PS3. When are they going to come out With a SW game with multi player option for gaming systems?

They need to make a straight to DVD movie like this.
This teaser trailer was incredible, as were the other two (Hope and The Sacking of Coruscant). I would so pay to see a movie made by Bioware with these kind of graphics and storyline. Sadly, Lucas would do everything to stop that from happening.
They need to make a straight to DVD movie like this.

Amen to that. As a matter of fact, I wish they'd make a comic or straight to DVD option for every SW game, that way people who don't have the correct console, or have no desire to play the game, but want to experience the story, don't have to miss out.

Needless to say I'm blown away by the cinematic.
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