Hobbit Chronicles-Thorins Map


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I wanted to share with you something really cool I just discovered. I don't know who else collects the hobbits chronicles(illustrated books). I always wanted to buy me the original thorin map from weta cause it's handmade from the guy who made the one for the movies, it's back is all painted black except for the moon rune part, so when you hold it up into the light or put it in a shadow bow display the runes will light up. Unfortunately the weta one is $199, there is also a cheap one for 29,99, but it is printed like a poster with trademark signs all over it, so nothing for a real fan. In the 1.hobbit chronicles there was a exact replica of thorins map(same size and everything) in daylight the moonrunes are almost not visible, but you can see them if you look close enough. Couple of hours ago I wanted to upgrade this map or better the moon runes with invisible ink that glows under UV-light, to look more like the movie one. I already framed it (the map hadn't cost me any money and I still cant make up my mind if to buy the expensive weta one or not). Just by accident I hovered over the map with my UV lamp and SURPRISE! The moon runes have started to glow without even taking my invisible ink out of the desk. So I tried a couple of times and it looks that the runes are already printed in UV ink, and are only glowing under UV light, cause my map is hanging directly next to a window it never glowed in the night & when I switched the light on/off.

I think after this nice discovery I will save those 200 bucks cause even the original map from weta can't do that :) I thought some of you would like to know that, that there is this nice map replica as a gift in a book in real size that glows under UV light. Maybe someone will also save his money and frame this lovely book map as I did.


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IMG_6811.JPG IMG_6812.JPG IMG_6815.JPG IMG_6817.JPG UV light runes


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Thanks for the info, great catch. I have 5 of the 6 books, 6th book on PO. They are fantastic source material and great to see all the designs that could have been but never were. Might have a go at copying the UV shadow box that Weta had at their SDCC booth one year. I think it was just UV added to an IKEA 50x50cm Ribba frame, would be a nice piece, thanks again.


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havent seen the shadow box in real but look like a plain wooden frame with tiny light behind. I saw some picture from the back and how the light was installed.
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