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first of i would like to say this stuff u guys do blows my mind, its awazing and some serouisly nice work done by alot of you....well second please forgive my if this post is in the wrong section of the forums but i couldnt wait to post and get some ifo on this stuff. Ok...to start of the stuff i would like to be doing and need tips on starting out doing are scalles "studio" scratch models and scracth (resin like stuff not just stuff lieing around the house)built props such as blasters and such(but the thing i am most in to is the scratch models). oK so on the models wat are you guys making this stuff out of, how should i start and were can i get this stuff? Also do you have to have a natural talet for this kind of work cuase i seem to not hae that talent...well thats all im going to post for now cuase i dont want you guys to mad at me so please help me cuse i would really like to join you guys on this stuff. 1 more thing...if there are and tutorials that would be great for me thanks.......

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Welcome on board.

While I haven't built a model in a few years I do know that scratch building usually is done with sheet styrene which can be found at hobby shops and on line.
Evergreen and Plastuct (sp) are the most common.

I use these and larger sheets of styrene and ABS for making props and costume accessories.

There are Modeling forums all over the net as well as here.
I recently found a few that are very interesting.

One of the places I like to visit often is Starship Modelers Resource.

It has a forum as well as a listing of models and accessories that are coming out and has a large selection of Movie model photos.
Model revues and build ups.


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Welcome aboard from me as well.
As stated, Starship modeler is a great place to get info on the stuff that interests you. Your construction methods will depend on what type of model or prop you are trying to replicate.
If you are good with putting kits together, you have a great head start on those who would jump in blindly.
Plastic sheet, as stated, is by far the most common build material. Soft woods and clay are good if you have any carving/ sculpting abilities. They make great plugs for casting original parts out of silicone and resin. Tutorials abound on these processes as well.
Once you have an idea, throw it out to the forums and ask a lot of questions. Thats what we are here for. We were all newbies at one point or another.
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