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I'm going to be starting a Hera Syndulla build from Star Wars Rebels soon. Currently up for debate is the decision of how to do the Lekku.
Has anyone bought one from: http://www.twilekparadise.com/
Quality? Price? Opinion? Or does anyone have suggestions for other sites.

I'm wondering if it's cheaper for me to sculpt and cast the headpiece or to just buy them.
I don't know what it takes to make these but just by looking at them and what you want, I would say make your own. Here is why: you don't need an appliance that fits your head. You only need the tails. I would construct your headgear first then build the tails. You can make them in a way that is removable so that they travel easier and/or allows for upgrades.

One other thing, I think you should insert some weights in the tips so that when you move your head, you get more motion. Watch how Hera's tails move to see what I mean.
I don't know if you are still looking but I might suggest twilek pam/P&S costume creations. They are a bit more slender and the price seems very reasonable. They are stuffed and foamed already and the blanks are unpainted so you can do hera's colors and lekku pattern. her etsy shop link is Here if you are still looking :)
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My girlfriend has a twilek lekkus of twilek paradise and are wonderful. They are latex and super good fit to the head and do not move, the parts of the tails to be latex give a very natural feel. They have already sold to think Hera and the result is unparalleled . Highly recommend it .

My girlfriend: Xm0ecMa.jpg

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