star wars rebels

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Darksaber from The Mandalorian

    I figured out how to do the blade without LEDs:
  2. Ancalagon

    VCX-100 'The Ghost' from Star Wars Rebels (open source!)

    Hello there, replicators! For the past year or so, I have been working on a digital model of the Ghost from the Star Wars Rebels, and I'm finally getting to a point where I'm pleased with the overall shape and accuracy. The idea is to use the digital model as a blueprint for a "studio scale"...
  3. alecsanz

    Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber

    Hi members today I bring you this new lightsaber that I finished yesterday. More pics here: Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber
  4. jsummit

    Nerf Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster

    Here's our full mod process of a Nerf Triad EX3 into a Star Wars Biker Scout Blaster!
  5. C

    Unlimited Run All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP) Walker Model Kit 1:48 Scale

    Hey Everyone, Here is my run of my latest model kit. It was featured on! This is a 1:48 resin model kit of the All Terrain Defense Pod (AT-DP) inspired by the One Man Scout Walker concept drawing from Joe Johnston. Later this was canonized by being featured in the Rebels...
  6. M

    1:100 Gozanti-Class Cruiser

    Hi! This is my 3D Printed 1:100 Scale Gozanti Class Cruiser build from Star Wars Rebels. I'm printing it on my new Anet A8 3D printer. So the "real" thing is 63.8m long according to it's wookieepedia page and I scaled it down to 63.8cm. I...
  7. mangoes7

    Pepakura Kylo Ren Helm Build

    Decided to take a swing at making a Kylo Ren helmet today and will be starting it all out by using pepakura! I will post WiP pics as I progress through. The file that I found wasn't completely finished but i'm confident it will still come out with great results, just may take a bit more...
  8. S

    Sabine Wren for my wife (new years resolution)

    Hi There, I have been a member for a while now, dropping past and looking at what other people have been up to. I have built a few things so far, but never posted. Most of my "interest" is really in the Star Wars universe, but lately I have been getting out a little more ;o) To put some...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Iden Versio Tie Fighter Helmet

  10. TK10259

    DA Props Stormtrooper Hero Helmet Kit Build!

    Today I received my DA Prop Stormtrooper Hero Helmet Kit in 2mm Acrylic Capped ABS! So far, All I got done today was cutting the bubble lenses which took about an hour using a dremmel tool. Tomorrow when I get home from school, I'll be trimming the faceplate, trimming the back/cap and riveting...
  11. Jake Kassnoff

    How To Make A Kyber Crystal

  12. Jake Kassnoff

    How To Make A Sith Holocron

    Made this out of scrap plastic:
  13. CommanderTano

    Bondo as a mold shell?

    I've been researching mold making techniques, reading articles, watching videos, and researching products for months in preparation for a new project of mine. I'd like to make an Ahsoka Tano costume and the lekku/montrals have proven quite difficult. My plan as of right now is sculpting the...
  14. BLADE and BRUSH

    SANDTROOPER - Bandai Star Wars 1:12 model with modifications.

    Hello again fellow denizens of the RPF. My latest video depicts the Bandai Sandtrooper kit. It is a great model, although I decided to make a few "special modifications" to the helmet and belt so that it more closely matches what we saw on screen. I didn't quite get the look I wanted with the...
  15. Solas

    Questions regarding Captain Rex (Rebels version)

    Hi all. I've seen a couple of excellent threads regarding this character, but I've hit some stumbling blocks and could really use any and all advice. I'll try to be as precise as possible with my problems and issues. 1) I've tried building the armor using pepakura files and EVA armor, but...
  16. Jake Kassnoff

    Kanan Jarrus Lightsaber

  17. Darth Will

    Darth Will's Chopper

    Hi Guys, Darth Will here. I haven't posted in a long time but I just finished a project and wanted to show him off. It's Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. Check out the video and let me know what you think. :)
  18. Jake Kassnoff

    Captain Rex Clone Helmet Conversion

    Super easy cosplay
  19. mmhnc

    Star Wars Rebels Ghost and Phantom reference photos

    A little while back a discussion started on a this thread by @tbody about references for modeling the Ghost and Phantom from Star Wars Rebels, I wanted to start a bit of 1 stop shopping with posts focusing on diffrent views of both ships and...
  20. Jake Kassnoff

    Card board Darth Vader Lightsaber

    made this on a whim and i love how it turned out!
  21. Jake Kassnoff

    Rey's X-Wing Helmet

  22. F

    Star Wars rebels - Hera Syndulla WIP

    M good friend is just finishing up her season 2 Sabine costume so i figured I better get going on my Hera costume. While cleaning out the costume shop at school, they found a bunch of patterns they wanted to get rid of, most of them from the 70's and 80's which was perfect because the rebels...
  23. N

    Agent Kallus Season 1 - Star Wars Rebels

    I've been working on my Agent Kallus on and off for a little over a year but finally debuted it at this years' Dutch Comic con. All parts (Bo-rifle excluded) are costume build and sized for my posture. I even shaped the helmet around my own head. base material is cardboard covered with...
  24. Jake Kassnoff

    Darth Revan Mask

    This was fun!
  25. D

    Zeb's Bo-Rifle

    So, to go along with the Zeb costume, I made Zeb's Bo-Rifle. I didn't have a lot of time to invest here, but wanted something that was a close semblance to his original Bo-Rifle. I stated with an extending painter's pole, some axe handles, and two camera mounts. That would let me rotate and...