Help with ideas- I need armored fingers!


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Hello, so I've looked through countless topics that came up on the search, for armored, movable fingers. I'm currently knee deep in a Doctor Doom (Comics) build for Dragon Con 2012, and I have no idea how to do the fingers. Something like this would be IDEAL
Image of Doctor Doom - Comic Vine (big pic)

Should the hands be sculpted and cast as a one piece latex glove? Can I scratch build them using various sources and materials?

The rest of the armor, I believe, is going to be sculpted in cast in Smooth-On's FlexFoam It 25 and painted accordingly, much like the Halo boys on the 405th. So I would like to avoid the obnoxious clunky noise of resin or fg bits if possible. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks!


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You can try this tutorial by Amethyst Angel. You would obviously have to make modifications to fit the style of Doom but I think it would be a good starting point.

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You could try using the method above with foamies and paint them using Stealth's method on his Hero Tutorials video. You could also think about modding the Iron Man Mark III Pep hands to fit your needs. It appears the fingers are the same texture (Corregated) that other guys have used Home Depot tubing to recreate. When gluing together, I prefer Weldwood contact cement. IMO, it's best to use black foamies so even if the paint chips, it just looks like aging/battle damage. I'd glue it all to a cheap pair of black gloves. That's the cheap home-brew method, of course...


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How flexible is that tubing? I know I won't have a full range of motion in any gloves that have armor on the inside of the hand, but I don't want static fingers, either.


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i still think that the iron man pep fingers combined with black colored textured latex gloves (the ones for cleaning) look best, because they allready have the right texture for the empty spots :)


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Unfortunately I dont have a PC to unfold or modify the pep files. I don't even have a computer at the moment- I'm on my iPhone. So that kinda puts a damper on things.
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