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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by _Lee_, May 31, 2006.

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    Im looking to start a project using a Luke ESB saber .Im hoping to have some sort of snow display where the saber is stuck in the snow as in the Wampa scene,and id like it to look as realistic as possible.For some reason this is the one scene that really stands out in my mind when i first saw TESB as a young lad and i thought it would not only to fun to create,but also look the part as a permanent display.

    Just wanted to see if any of you guys have any ideas as to what would be the best way to replicate snow.I have seen a few examples but as it would be a permanent display i would like it to look really good and realistic.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  2. Qui-Gonzalez

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    I would say baking soda, but that might look like hardpack.
  3. Bryancd

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  4. captjustc

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  5. DL 44 Blaster

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    I've used the liquid snow found in AC Moore that comes in a small jar. I used it while making my "Christmas train" look more "Christmasy". The stuff goes on like paint with a granular texture. It looks VERY real. You might have to put the saber through a box and add some top layer such as paper mache then go over it with your snow of choice.

    I'm just thinking out loud with that last sentence of suggested display :D

    BTW it sounds like a neat display.

  6. moffeaton

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  7. Mike J.

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    I know they used shaved wax for the last James Bond (the ice hotel set).

  8. eltee

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    Ivory Snow laundry detergent is an old, reliable snow that has been used for decades. Cheap, and when you're done put it back in the box(es) and use it.
  9. HAL9000

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    For 'The Shining' they used maserated polystyrene that
    was stored in drums of salty water to give it weight when

    you could try sanding some polystyrene. I'd recommend the
    high density stuff.
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    <div class='quotetop'>(HAL9000 @ Jun 1 2006, 05:49 AM) [snapback]1254069[/snapback]</div>
    Good lord, that doesn't sound healthy. Hope they didn't breath any of that in.
  11. PodRacer X

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    You could try white polystyrene. They sell blocks of it at hobby shops and it's easy to carve.
  12. amfx74

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    What scale is it, Micro Ballons (tiny glass spheres from 3M) work well for small scale and don't degrade.
  13. cyberpred

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    Do not forget to write your name in the snow.:lol:lol:facepalm

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  15. Pro Mod

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    Every type of artificial snow and ice imaginable is available from Snow Business in Gloucestershire - Snow Business
    They're used by film, TV and display industries around the world.
    They sell it in small bags right up to quantities to cover the Band of Brother or Bond sets!
    I've always found them easy to deal with.
  16. Rymo

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    You might try mixing some shredded polystyrene with clear or white wax. The wax might give it a more icy look, while the polystyrene would give it some substance.
  17. EyeofSauron

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    a thing i learned years ago, what is used for theater productions and stuff is diapers

    cut them open, pour out the white powder inside, after you got a decent amount from the diapers, put it in a bowl of water.
    it increases 100% in size, is cold and wet.
    perfect fake snow (just try to not get the dried particles in your eyes. its super absorbant, imagine what would happen in your eye ;) )
  18. Panaflex

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    Real Fake Snow | Welcome

    You can try this stuff. We used something call real fake snow on a tv show years ago and it worked great.
  19. poormansjb

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    I put together a shadowbox with a mix of props, including a locket in a small patch of "snow." I just used commercial Christmas display snow which is essentially shredded 2mil translucent plastic. Held it in place with some Future clear acrylic floor "wax."

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