Help with Cyborg Ninja (MGS)


I'm currently in the planning stages for Cyborg Ninja and wasn't sure how I wanted to approach it.

Some reference images (warning: the 2nd link has music playing on the site):
Cyborg ninja image by polygon86 on Photobucket
"GreyFox" | The Cyborg Ninja

It's difficult to get a lot of good reference images since he was only in the first game from way back in 1998.

My main question for you guys is how to approach the helmet. Would it be better to model the helmet in 3D, pep it and then resin+fiberglass it or would it be better to go with making a cast of my head and making a helmet on top of that directly using chipboard (again, with resin+fiberglass)? I know with either method I can make a master and then slush cast but that's really only if I plan on making this into some sort of kit for other people right? Is there any additional benefits to casting it other than the weight reduction? Is it worth the price of all the materials since casting can be quite expensive?

I'm also a bit stumped on how to make the helmet open. The images I've seen show the forehead panel opening upward similar to the action of the Iron Man helmets and the cheek panels sliding up and back towards the ears. I figure I can make the forehead panel open using cabinet hardware from the local hardware store but I'm not sure how to make the cheek panels move since the side of the helmet is curved. I do remember using something in the past where you press down on a panel to lock it and then press again to make it so you can open it (I think it was for some cabinet door but I can't recall) - would that sort of mechanism be able to be applied here?

Anyone have any tips for what the best approach would be? Or if any MGS fans out there want to let me know any additional info about Cyborg Ninja. Actually, if anyone has good references for the opening action of the helmet that would be super helpful - I've found a few but the part showing the opening action is usually relatively small and somewhat blurry).
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