HELP!! - What size are the average human eyes?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by houdiniguy, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. houdiniguy

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    Street judge and I have been working on a few projects together
    (he does great work by the way.

    Many of you voiced that the eyes we used we're too big.

    We used a 28mm size for my specific busts as directed by me for my project.

    Looking back they are larger then normal and do tend to stand out and at time detract from the beauty he produced for me.

    My question is a simple on, then what size would be best to go to?
    24mm / or 18mm to look normal?

    Please advise.
    again thats Streetjudge (love my projects and will do more)

    Tom :thumbsup
  2. DaddyfromNaboo

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    What, no human eyes handy so you can take measurements ? :p

    A normal 28 mm eyeball of course is covered by upper and lower lid and hence kept in the eyesocket. So I say that you are good with anything around 20-24mm for the visible part of the eye. 18mm seems a bit small, though. But that depends on the overall proportions of the head.

  3. houdiniguy

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    Eye See What You Mean.
    (sorry had to.)

    Good thoughts.
  4. aliren

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    As an optometrist hope i'm able to help:
    The diametre from front to back in a (normal sighted) adult human eye is 24-25mm.
    Equally important would be the diameter of the iris/coloured portion which is usually about 12mm. Vertical and horizontal "opening" between the lids will obviously vary a lot between individuals, but the dimensions above of the actual eye tend not to vary much. So i would say 24mm would be safest.

    Hope this helps :)
  5. cking

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    It's really not the diameter of the eyeball which was making the eyes look wrong. It was the diameter of the iris artwork. I got the following information from a prosthetic eye supplier:

    "Normal size eyes for adults are 26mm to 28mm. The iris size varies between 12mm and 14mm, with 13mm the most common. For that reason most of the eyes we have in stock have a 13mm iris."

    Hope that helps.

  6. mez7

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    have to agree, the eyes made them look doe eyed, or like porcelean doll eyes due to the larger than life irises.....or is it iris's......irisi?

    paint jobs always looked top notch, just the iris size threw them off
  7. Fetthunter

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    I'd agree with that. I've always read that it's 26mm. :thumbsup
  8. Rylo

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  9. TomSpinaDesigns

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    I'll throw in my 2 cents as well... for most human sculpts I find that 26 to 28mm diameter is usually right, with an iris size of 12-13mm respectively.

    For some reason, most "stock" eyes come with an iris size that's half the diameter. IMO, that's usually too big. IE: 26's with a 13mm iris will look a little off. I usually use 26/12's but it will depend on your sculpt/casting, of course.


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