Help on blending/fading paint together


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Hello all,

I'm lookin for help on fading two colored acrylic paints together, like fading grey to black, or yellow to red. Help on fading two colors into another in general. Any pointers on this matter? Gonna test it on wood

Like these




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Acrylics are the hardest type of paint to fade unless you have an airbrush. The double loaded brush mentioned above is one option. Another is to lay the paint on thick and blend with it while it's still wet. You could also completely cover the surface with the lighter color, and then very very gently drybrush the darker color over it, but that will leave you with a slightly mottled look, and not a true fade.

Now if you brush on with oil paints, you can achieve a beautiful fade blend. just be sure there's primer underneath to grab the pigment and dry the oil.


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Well first off acrylic paints tend to be made of a thicker pigment ( depending on paint ), and sometimes it's hard to get a good blend between colors. You should try either a touch up gun, or a double action airbrush. A airbrush will work, but it will give you a spray pattern, of about 1 inch. this can be make it a little difficult, if the blend needs to be wider than that. A touch up gun however, will give you a wider, and adjustable pattern. That makes it a little easier on something like a guitar, to get a good blend.

When it comes to paint, you may want to try Stewart Mcdonald, for a different finish. Their paint is formulated for guitar's. You could also go with automotive paints ( base coat, clear coat ) if you have experiance using them. It's not hard to use, you just need some place to spray it, and have plenty ventalation.


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I might lay the bottom layer first, then the over layer with an airbrush, might use Createx transparent paint for the top layer and just add layers til it looks good... Oh yea i'm tryin to work on this thing

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