Help, Need some moulding advise...


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Hi, I think I'm nearly ready to start building up the mould for the jaw of my Alien project but I would like some advise.

Firstly I've decided to make a 2 part mould, I'm intending to brush the silicone on thinly first & then add thickener to it up build.

The jaw is made from Newplast clay which is apparently sulphur free.

I need to know if I need to use a sealer? & if its an acrylic sealer will acrylic aerosol car paint be ok? also Matt, satin or gloss finnish?

& lastly have I done ok preping the jaw for moulding? are the separation area's I've made going to work?




Sorry to ask so many questions but I've not done this before & I really cant afford to waste the silicon.
Many thanks in advance for any help :)


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If it really is sulfur free you shouldn't need any sealer.

Plus you add anything, that is the surface you will get. You put gloss on it you'll get gloss parts, etc.

Great sculpt.


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Great stuff Many thanks (y)) When I looked up the Newplast it said in the spec's that its sulphur free, thats a result :)

do you think the separation area's are ok? I'm intending to reinforce the silicone with plaster of paris, the plaster will be reinforced with bandage.

The silicone is repsil E30, I bought it on ebay.

Thanks again :)
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