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    HI ALL

    As always here is the best place to start asking

    im on the look out for a golden idol but if possible rotocast or hollow ( i mean that sombody drills or dremils the guts out of it from the bottom ) so that it does not weigh to much

    my proplem is i need it send over seas to germany

    can anybody help me out :cry

    thanks all

  2. ob1al

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    Hi Jay

    I've been around the Indy scene for a number of years now but never heard of a hollow or rotocast idol being produced. Not to say one hasn't, just that it has never come to my attention if so. Maybe Agent5 or one of the other Indy guys here can chime in on that point.

    I guess someone could take a regular idol cast and dremel a hollow inside it to lessen the shipping weight?


  3. WinstonWolf359

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    You'd need to add so much more packing material to protect a hollow idol I think you'd be better off getting a solid one. At least you'd know it would arrive safely.

    I've seen one rotocast idol before, and it was practically falling apart. Not pretty.
  4. luke moonwalker

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    Stelter Creative Woodworks advertised one for ther "motorized" eye version.

    I had heard they're not making idols anymore, but they also still have them on their site. May be worth shooting them an email to see if they have any seconds floating around with some small imperfections that could be fixed...


  5. Luisiana Jones

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    Maybe u can find something u need here Indy magnoli has some great work.

    Though done know if tahts what u are looking for.

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