Help identifying this Batman suit.............


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I need some help from batman gurus to help me identify this suit in these videos

Batman Interrogation - YouTube

Batman Meets the Riddler (From Front Page Films) - YouTube

Yes, I'm looking for the suit from the hilarious collegehumor video's. It looks to be rubber or something, I don't know............ Costuming is really not my cup of tea.

Anyway, Thanks for all the help!!!!!

P.S. Even if you can't help, at least watch the videos..... They are pretty funny.


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It's the Rubies TDK suit, junk do not bother it is not worth the money.
Oh, I assumed it was junk, i just wanted to know where the suit was from. I am barely a batman fan and I see at least 5 inaccuracies with it. Anyway, thanks a lot!!!!!!!!