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I havn't posted here in ages and I aplogize for that. Usually I build puppets (all types, muppet style, latex rubber etc.) but I'm taking on my biggest challenge yet: a Kaiju suit.

I've never built one before, though I have a ver general idea of how they're made.

2 reasons I'm building is:

-I want to make some short films with it for my youtube channel.

-There's a convention in August that I want to bring it too.

The character I'm making is a mix of Robert Newton's Long John Silver and Godzilla. So basically a Pirate Godzilla.

I know from the start since he's clothed, I only need to make his one leg, his hands, head, stegasaurus spikes and tail, then the rest would be custom made fabric pirate clothes.

Other than that I wouldn't know what Materials would work best. I want it to be fairly durable. He's not going to look 100% like Godzilla, just close enough where you can get the joke but not get sued. I'm thinking of sculpting the head and making a latex mask of the head, but I don't know how well I could breate/the ventilation is in a latex cast mask vs another method.

He also has one leg. I'm debating on making it a boot that looks like a wood leg over my one foot so its easier to walk. I'll keep the crutch though since thats a direct Robert Newton reference.

Anyone think they could give me pointers on materials and techniques?

Here's a concept drawing below. Colors on the outfit are not final. Let me know what you think of this utterly ridiculous idea.


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