Help identify?


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Na, I can't ID it positively, BUT

Damn if the wing structures (intakes and "steps" on wing area) don't remind me of the draconian Marauder . . .

Maybe its from BR instead of Galactica?

Anyone else see what I'm talking about?



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Hmm, good point.

Also it would seem those protrusions on the top are attachment points for a sizable missing piece.
Originally posted by 16 2005, 03:07 PM
Thanks fellas.

Anybody else?


This just in:

"It is Princess Ardalla's launch/shuttle as seen in the (Buck Rogers) pilot. It was later re-worked into the Vorvon Shuttle from that Vampire in space episode. Don't know which one. The story goes that they modified the actual Ardalla shuttle model as opposed to getting another casting.

As with many of the Hartland models, they seem to get the basic shape into a mold and then add a bunch of kit parts to the castings. Quite often, a pull from the mold will look like the final product in gereral size shape and details, but you still have to add a bunch of kit parts to it.

I can't post to the RPF, but you may post this info, as well as the attached photo.

Also, for more info regarding the conversion to the Vorvon shuttle, I would direct people to Ken Larson's excellent site -

Hope this helps. Will let you know if I dig up anything further.


Gene K."

Thank you to Gene for helping me out with this. You da MAN.. :)


Lee S

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Ok this will sound silly, but I know what it is/I have a picture of what it was, but I don't know what it's from :) I think it's Buck Rogers. Please email me at


Originally posted by 16 2005, 03:37 AM
Hey guys,

Can anyone positively ID this ship model? Is it from old Galactica?

Thanks for any help.

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