Hello Again Preds


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Hey gang,
I might give this a shot again...Years ago I started a pred costume had the body suit and helmet...and then fell into the dark vicious world of being ripped off by unsavory vendors. All in all I got taken for about $1200...from 3 different "vendors" so in order to make up the loss, mixed with a lay off I sold off everything...
Started getting interested in pred costuming a few years ago and since I'm a mask / bust collector I figured I'd start with the mask...if the costume never followed at least I'd have the head to display in the collection.
Well I paid 400 for that and that never came...ripped off again. That was 2008 or 09...so I gave up.
I have several other costumes ... I have about 11 costumes I have bought/made over the years...but the predator never seemed to be...and I think it was one of the first I started to put together .
I've searched the forum and been reading lots over the last few days. I
Is there a black listed sellers list? is there good guys to deal with? Please just message me, I understand what trouble calling people can start.
Thanks guys,


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howlingwind13 Hello there friend! Man poor you :( I know about bad sellers, as i did bought a 3D printer in the past for 400$ and received it in a thousands pieces :(. But do not worry Predatorium isnt like the past as we are evolving constantly and we are here to help you create or buy the best Predator replica possible. I would suggest to talk to Wreav about buying at a decent price a perfect Predator replica costume..... I do sell predator stuff like armors and hands but not an expert yet at creating molds for latex costumes.


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Shogun has a point about constantly evolving and changing. Newer generations emerge and so on. When I started out getting scammed was a fairly usual occurrence. Still to this day after waiting 4 years I'm still waiting for some parts from a few vendors who are no longer part of this community. I have long since given up on picking stuff up. Always be safe with your money and do your research prior to purchasing.


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Yep...sucks when you see some amazing costumes and props. .then a little searching and find out those people are banned from every forum...that's why I came back...read the forum and just wanna know who the good guys are...thanks for the heads up to those who reached out

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