Hcg BALE BATMAN reg and sonar 1/1

Thanks guys,
each bust is separate , I dont think it will be a interchangeable head.
I will snap some shots of the back as well, it is detailed as well as the front.
Wow Bobby , another marvelous masterpiece , always admired at your work..... u are the reason i played with clay and tools :lol
When you consider that the torso is done in MULTIPLE layers and that everything was sculpted, THAT blows my mind. To sculpt the face and cowel is one thing, but to pull of symectrical and and calculated spheres that look machined or laser cut is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I know it doesnt come close to comparision to the batmoblile you did, but I have to say it terms of difficulty and the amount of labour I know you put in to this, its a close second. A wonderful acheivement that people really need to look closer at and truely appreciate the art and difficulty of what you did here.

Your the best bobby, we should talk later this week, ill give you a shout bro!!!
Hi guys, here are some shots of the back.
Thanks for the compliments !
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So much details, so accurate !! I only see one solution : Taxidermy !!! Someone has news about Christian Bale ?

Incredible !! Very great job :love :love :love
There's a lot of insanely good builds on this forum but true to form Bobbyc has gone that one step further................what an incredible talent.
Both look fantastic. I've been eagerly awaiting the reveal of these and as expected you've not disappointed.
One only hopes HCG's production pieces are as impressive when complete.
Professional, sharp, clean and crisp details.
Top notch work as always. I'm a big fan of yours and the quality of your finished sculptures is just mind-blowing.
***** its that good i have to say it again. I cant imagine how complicated it would have been to sculpt that suit. Amazing work Bobby, cant wait to see what you do next.
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