HBO's House of the Dragon

Speaking of dragons, how do they steer these things? There is no bridle, no reins, the riders don't wear spurs, they don't even say "turn left, turn right, go up, go down" or anything. How do these dragons know what to do?
It has to do with the Dragon bonding with the rider. The dragon's do have somewhat of an empathic link when they bond with them. Even in the original Game of Thrones, Dany was pretty much able to telepathically summon Drogon in the gladiator pit.
So rewarding to see Aemond have a Mr. Bean moment:

Aemond's Mr. Bean moment.jpg
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Completely forgot this released a week ago, but just ordered my copy on Amazon to add to my other A Song of Fire and Ice expanded universe source books.

The Rise of the Dragon: An Illustrated History of House Targaryen Volume 1

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Ryan Condal posted today the very first concept artwork produced for HOTD, by Gary Gianni. Speaking on his podcast:

"When I was pitching HOTD, I actually hired him to do a scene from my pilot as a pen and ink drawing to show to HBO as a sort of a proof of concept - bring the thing to life. [...] He did the funeral from the pilot where Rhaenyra's mother is burned by the dragon after the baby dies and she dies. [...] When I initially developed the pilot, Rhaenyra was much younger, so it's a much younger version of Rhaenyra."

S1E01 funeral.jpg

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