Question has "search" feature changed?


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I'm pretty certain that I used to be able to search posts with terms like these "master replicas V2." And I'd get posts about the version 2 lightsaber. But now when I'm attempting searches--the term 'V2' is automatically rejected as "too short."

Is there a way around this? I'm having trouble finding old threads due to inability to search via MR or V2. So V2 lightsaber will only return hits for "lightsaber." Or Master Replicas V2 will only return results for "Master Replicas"--neither is accurate or limited enough for the intended search.

Thanks for any help or clarification. :)
To the best of my knowledge this has never been the case. In fact, before two years ago, the minimum string was 4 letter long (meaning you couldn't look up terms like "ESB"). We changed it to 3 about two years ago. We could look at changing it to 2, but the lower you go, the more strain it puts on search...

Let me do some asking.
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