Has Anyone ever created A Kick Ass 1970's style Light blue/ Gray Batman?


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I think it would take a lot to not make it look cheesy and corny but if someone out there has made an absolute bad ass Light Gray/Light Blue Batman with yellow belt etc I would love to see what it looks like done well. For Reference:


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I thought the kick ass costume wold be a cool basis for an armored comics Dark Knight Returns Batman, Ive always wondered how they made the cowl for kick ass


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Check out Bigbat23's amazing work:



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Point of order: Batman's costume was originally created to be black and gray, but, as artistic expediency/laziness eventually set in, the comic inkers "spotted the blacks" less and less, resulting in the highlight color--blue--becoming dominant.

However, even in the Neal Adams era (and beyond), narrative captions and dialogue still described the costume as black and gray.

So, while the pure-blue look definitely has a long shadow in terms of comic art and licensed products, and has its own aesthetic value, the suit was intended from Day One to be black and gray.

Food for thought!


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I’ve done a few blue/gray bats! Not exactly “light” blue, but I always imagined they would be a midnight navy blue, so it’s almost black. I use a faux stretch suede, seems to have the most realistic feel!


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How did I miss this? I LOVE your blue and grey Batman suit. I've always wanted to do that!! I have a black and grey, but that's just because it's easier to find the pieces in black. Very jealous... did you make the blue pieces yourself or did you find them somewhere? Excellent work!!!!!

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