Harmonica's jacket (Once Upon a Time...)


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I've always been strangely fascinated by the jacket that "Harmonica" (Charles Bronson) wears in Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West".

It's a rather ugly, unflattering affair honestly, and I think this is precisely why I'm so drawn to it.

So, I want one. Anyone have any idea where I should start?

Here's some rather poor pictures.




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Hurmm couldn't tell you where to start looking. Just from the pictures though it appears they at least had more than one of them done, as they have different styles of buttons (Notice the top button of the lower pic has switched places in the upper pic), and the collars also appear to be slightly different as well. Don't think that helps much but I couldn't help but notice it.


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To me it has a look of a light weight denim with some patch work or the easy route would be to paint the darker colors on the jacket.


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Did you bring a horse for me?

It could be the lighting on those buttons. The light one is always pointed right at the camera. [the middle pic is flipped.]

It looks like a crazy quilt made into a coat. Two colors of canvas sewn together. You'll need to draw out the pattern and get it sewn, I think.
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