Halo Youth Costume


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Built this for my 6 y/o nephew last year for Halloween. He ended up going through a growth spurt, so I had to scrap the original peps/measurements I had taken in September and start over on Oct 10th to have it done by the 28th for a party... no rush or anything :eek

The red is the original, green is new size. No time for bondo in this timeframe :(

Testing the new fit.

Putting it all together.

Can't forget the assault rifle! It's the knock-off that Toys R Us sells repainted.

And here he is in the finished costume 2 weeks after I started. He kept growing throughout the build, so I ended up jigsawing off chunks the day before his party, resulting in some oddness, like having to wear the shoulders backwards :lol


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Thanks! I don't have kids, so I've always taken it for granted. Other than the helmet (which he insists on wearing when we play Halo together) he can't wear any of it now.
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