Halo Reach Noble Six inpired costume for 10yr old (Pic Heavy)


Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for a long time and recently joined. I am currently working on a Halo Reach Noble Six inspired Spartan costume for my 10yr old son for Halloween.

I am building it from scratch from cardboard, hot glue, and bondo. So far I have the top half done and the bottom half built but not painted.

Last night I got the request to build an energy sword. After thinking there would be no way I could get it done, I got to work. After a few hours last night and today I have a good start. The lights are just wrapped on it for a test.

Well to the the pictures. There are a few quick fit tests. He will have black sweats on under the armor. It gets cold and or snowy here on Halloween so warmth has to be built in.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I have.
Over the last two days I have completed quite a bit. I have painted the leg and foot pieces. I have also finished the prep and paint of the energy sword. All I have left now is to attach the EL wire strip to the sword and buy some gloves, then have my son do a full suit up. The suit up minus gloves should be on Friday so I am very excited. I also built a bracket that attaches to the back of the chest/back piece and allows the sword to hang on his back while trick or treating. :)
Well it is finally done. Here are the full suit up photos. The sword now has EL wire on it and lights up. I am now making him a trick or treat bag that is black and has UNSC and the eagle logo on it in glow in the dark paint. He definitely got a kick out of being suited up. :lol
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