Halo Reach MA37 Assault Rifle Build

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    Hey Guys,
    I'm building a halo reach assault rifle at the moment and thought I should share the work I have done with you guys.
    I've had this project going for a while now but decided to get right back into it and actually finish something for once.
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    I've used mostly MDF and have regretted that decision since I started to see the nice sharp edges start to resemble fabric. Next gun build I might use plywood instead?
    I have been using L05T V1K1N6 's post as inspiration for mine,hopefully I can make mine look somewhat like his. if you haven't already seen his build you should definitely check it out here http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=188281. Ill post some more pics later on today as I will be working on the barrel and LED wiring.
    Until next time, May all your build be good ones.


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    Here is the picture for those to lazy to click the link.
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