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so i m thinking of making a helper bot from venture brothers does anyone have any reference photos i plan on using PVC pipe for most of the build
There seem to be plenty of pictures on google. Also, you might want to take a look at the 8" Mego style figures that were released a few years ago. On the back of the cards were instructions/cut-outs for making your own 8" scale HELPER. If you can find all of the card backs, you could scale up the parts and use those to construct a 1:1 version.

The base with the four "toes" and wheels on it looks like a standard office chair base. You might be able to find one of those at a thirft store or a store that re-sells old office equipment.
thanksthats what i thought about using for the base and i never came across those card backs so those will help alot
so here is what i have got done so far his eyes light up and are hooked up to a 9volt on the inside. i am currently working on the top portion which will have the glowing red dome on top
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